Trollfolk has performed live at clubs all throughout Finland, and at festivals in Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Sweden and Russia. Trollfolk is a folk rock band with seven members from Joensuu. It was founded in 2010 by Usi Riikonen. Trollfolk has its own style, with very unique compositions, surprising and unpredictable. With Swedish lyrics, the songs have a strong North Karelian folk base and take their inspiration from nature. The music mixes earthy rock' roll with punk-flavored moods. Trollfolk has a solid background of experience. As a soulful and expressive band, we have the ability to harness the power and joy, and channel it into our music. In our sound we bring depth and a wide scope, both as soloists, and as band members. Our music is marked by a magical presence, as we build tension in our music and in our performances. Our collective experience in making and performing folk music reflects itself in our playing, when composing and improvising. By creating the right atmosphere, Trollfolk connects to the Northern forces of nature. Our music breaks the language and cultural barriers.  As music professionals, we aim high, work hard, and enjoy what we are doing. As a band, we are a well rounded Scandinavian music export, which is easy to market abroad . We represent different parts of Finland, Swedish speaking Finns, as well as the Finnish and the Swedish cultures. Let us play for you, and you will experience something different, which is mystical, easy to listen to, rhythmical, melodic, free, traditional, yet boundary-breaking, bold, delicate, explosive, moody. Indefinable, yet clearly us. Trollfolk. 

"Hold onto your hats, it's Troll People in the countryside!"

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